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Obi Loop | Blue

The Sanada Obi, a tightly woven Japanese silk cord, is securely stitched onto vegetable tanned leather and handmade in San Francisco, CA. Features a secure snap closure and ring in an antiqued metal finish to easily attach keys onto a belt loop or bag. Made in America, woven in Japan.

The Sanada Obi cord were originally used in the 1600's by samurai warriors to wrap sword handles and secure armor. Created on specialty looms outside of Kyoto, a full length of Obi can take up to one month to complete. All original colors and patterns are maintained to preserve its unique level of craftsmanship and durability.

Size: 3.8" long x 1/2" wide


  • Italian leather & Japanese woven silk Obi cord
  • Snap brass hardware in antiqued finish
  • Designed and Made in San Francisco, CA.

Additional Color Available :

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