Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are your watches waterproof?

    A. No. Our watches are water-resistant up to 3ATM. Please do not submerge your watch. We do not recommend bathing/showering or doing dishes while wearing your watch. Most of our watches are manufactured using Italian leather bands with antiqued finishes, which means they are not designed to endure submersion in water or exposure in a shower setting.

  2. What type of battery do your watches/clocks use?

    A. Our watches/clocks use standard disc watch batteries. Most use a 377 (AKA SR626W). Average life for a battery is 12 to 18 months. Changing a battery without the correct tools can damage the casing, watch face, and/or movement. Please seek a watch repair specialist or contact our repair department.

  3. What materials are used in your watches?

    A. Full grain genuine leather, cotton, silk, nylon, vinyl, optical acetate, mineral glass. No exotic or endangered skins used. Metal used: Stainless steel, brass, steel alloy, and iron. Plating material: Steel alloy plating which may have a gloss, matte, antiqued finish or patina. Some of our watch leather bands are designed using an oiled and/or uncoated, natural leather allowing unique characteristics to develop over time. Slight variations in texture and color should be expected and are not considered a manufacturing defect. With this treatment process, the leathers have not undergone waterproofing treatment, therefore grime and moisture may cause staining and deterioration. Many of our watch bands use a suede or composite leather stitched onto the genuine leather band for further durability and comfort.

  4. Are watch bands covered under warranty?

    A. Watch bands are not covered under warranty. Please note, the following can contribute to wear of your watch band: extended exposure to water, harsh soaps, cleaning products, hand sanitizer and/or alcohol-based products, certain aftershaves/colognes/perfumes, and perspiration. Wearing/tugging on the band for a tight fit puts stress and pressure on the leather, stitching, pins and watch mechanics. Some leather finishes and lighter colored bands may show wear more quickly.

  5. How are your watches packaged?

    A. Each watch is individually gift packaged and protected in a sleek black TOKYObay box with warranty card included.

  6. How are your clocks packaged?

    A. Each clock is individually packaged and protected in a Tokibot box.

  7. Does TOKYObay have a storefront?

    A.No. We sell through our online store and select wholesalers nationwide and internationally.

  8. Does TOKYObay price match?

    A. Yes, we price match within 14-days of purchase.

The following limitations apply:
      • Item must be identical (size, color and model number).
      • Price must be listed and valid at time of request.
      • One price match per identical item.
        • Prices from, or on behalf of Marketplace and third-party sellers
        • Items marked as clearance, closeout or liquidation.
        • Prices shown Thanksgiving Day through Cyber week.
        • Pricing due to typographical errors.
        • Shipping/delivery charge will not be included in the price comparison.
        • “Free Gift with Purchase” offers.
    Contact hello@tokyobay.com for all price match requests. Please include your order & item number.


    1. Do you offer a Wholesale Program?
      A. To learn about our Wholesale Program, please email us at hello@tokyobay.com
      or give us a call at 1-800-653-1771

    2. How many coupons can be applied per order?
      A. One coupon can be applied per order.


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