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TOKYObay Watch Bands 101 - Tokyobay

TOKYObay Watch Band Replacement 101

Whether your favorite TOKYObay watch has been worn almost every day for few years and the band is beginning to show normal wear, you are looking to change colors, update an old favorite, and more – you can replace your watch band with our wide selection of offerings!

Gary, our in-house TOKYObay Watch Repair Specialist has some helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions to help you find the perfect watch band replacement.

What is a watch band size?

The size of a watch band refers to the width of the band that attaches to the watch. TOKYObay watches come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and this includes watch band size. Watch band width is measured in millimeters, and it is very important to make sure the correct measurement is determined before purchasing a new band.

How do I measure my watch band size?

To find the correct watch band size needed for your watch, you measure the width in millimeters between the lugs on the watch head. See diagram below. 

You can measure the millimeter width with a ruler in millimeters/centimeters or digital calipers.

To find the watch band width using a ruler with millimeter/centimeter measurements, measure the distance between the watch lugs. Each centimeter is 10 millimeters. For example, the watch band width from the below example requires a 20mm band size replacement.

 Watch band measurement using a ruler

 To use digital calipers to measure the watch band width, insert the tool into the space between the lugs. Expand or retract to fill the space and find the exact size. For example, the watch band width from the below example requires a 16mm band size replacement.

Measuring watch band size using digital calipers


I have found the correct band size. How do I install it on my watch?

The majority of TOKYObay watch bands are attached to the watch using spring bar pins.

Watch spring bars in different sizes

To attach the spring bars to your watch, it is recommended that you use a spring bar tool like the one below, or a small flathead screwdriver. Spring bar tools can easily be found online for a nominal fee.

Metal Spring Bar Tool

Plastic Spring Bar Tool

Removing your current watch band: To start, you will want to find a flat service to work on and lay your watch face down on a towel or other soft service to use as a cushion. This will prevent scratches or other damage to the watch crystal.

Next, insert the forked side of a spring bar tool or flat edge of a small flathead screwdriver in between the watch band and watch case lug. You should be able to catch the edge of the spring bar with your tool. By applying pressure with your tool, compress the spring bar and it will release from the watch.

Installing your new watch band: To install your new watch band, start by inserting the current or new included spring pins through the holes at the end of each band piece. Make sure they are all the way through the band, so the spring bar sits in the center.

Next, lay the watch and band pieces face down. Insert one end of the spring bar into the hole on the watch lug. Using your spring bar tool, compress the other side of the spring bar and slide the bar into the other lug. When you remove the spring bar tool, the spring bar will pop back out and secure into the other hole in the other lug. Repeat steps for the remaining watch band piece.

Finally, give the watch bands a gentle tug to make sure they are securely attached to your watch, and your watch is ready to wear!

Do you offer assistance in watch band replacement?

Absolutely! If you do not want to replace the watch band on your own, we can help you out. First contact our customer service at or 1800-653-1771 to determine the watch band you would like for replacement. If you do not know the size required, fill out our online watch band inquiry form and we will help you identify the band width your watch needs.

Following customer service instructions, you can mail your watch to us and we will replace the band for you at no additional charge! Just pay for the watch band + return shipping.

If you do not want to send your watch in, we recommend you take the watch and band to a reputable watch repair or jeweler near you and they can replace the band for a nominal fee.

Watch bands are not one size fits all, and to get a perfect fit you want to make sure you have the exact watch band width available in millimeters. If you need further assistance finding the correct size replacement watch band for your TOKYObay watch, our customer service team is happy to help! Contact us at or 1800-653-1771, or fill out our online watch band inquiry form and we will be in touch to help.


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