What's That Ticking...

What's That Ticking... - Tokyobay

We know it's not biology class but this easy cheat sheet will help you speak our language when the attention goes to your wrist. Flex your horology vocab the next time someone compliments you on your impressive bezel. 

Strap: The bracelet attached to the watch Lug: Extensions to the case of a watch where the strap is attached Bezel: Displays the minutes in an hour Hands: Rotate to tell the time Dial: The face of the watch Crystal: The clear cover of the watch face Spring Pin: Attaches the watch band to the watch case. 

Case: Holds all the watch components Crown: Adjusts the time on a watch Keeper: Slides over the band end to hold it in place Tongue: The buckle that slides through the holes of the band Buckle: The closure on the band Case Back: The backing securing the case to seal the movement inside.

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