Bracelets Aren't Scary...

Journalist Victoria Gomelsky recently wrote an article for the New York Times called "Jewelry for Men is Back in Vogue". She says, "Unlike tattoos, piercings or fashionable clothing, jewelry still provokes deeply ambivalent feelings among men. Images of a casino pit boss draped in gold chains or a used car salesman flashing a ring still echo throughout pop culture, even though trends have clearly moved beyond such caricatures of masculine adornment." That being said, she goes on to prove that things are starting to shift and many men, along with top fashion brands, are starting to think of jewelry in a different way.  

"With the importance of the Internet, street-style photographers, bloggers, Hollywood style and the abundance of red-carpet reporting for men and women, we see men wearing jewelry, and it’s part of our modern psyche,” said Ken Downing, senior vice president and fashion director at the retailer Neiman Marcus. 

Here at TOKYObay, we are also seeing men double down by adding one of our cuff bracelets to their watch for good measure. A-Lister, Zac Efron, was spotted on several occasions sporting one of our Obi bracelets and another cuff or watch while in Los Angeles. Gone are the days of rock stars and royals showing off their jewelry chops. A new wave of masculinity is on the horizon and it's wearable, comfortable and every day.

Stay tuned in early December for the launch of 8 new watch sets which include curated cuff bracelets for men and women.  



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