A Note From Our Founder.

TOKYObay Founder and Creative Director There is something to be said about the delicate balance of dressing in a way that is both authentic to yourself and also conveys a unique, expressive character. More and more I see myself honing in on things which truly work with my everyday life that also catches my eye. For Fall Winter, I apply this wearability to the new TOKYObay collection. The designs are simple with an element of playfulness that comes across in strong mixes of color, pattern and sizing.

I am starting to see a move back to petite proportions in fashion, specifically in watches and bags, so I have injected the line with new treatments on smaller dials and created a soft leather pursette for all the essentials (available online early October). Color extensions to best-selling styles are also added with a continued focus on quality leather and woven straps.

This focus on straps lead me to start designing belts as a new category for us, extending the use of woven materials and leather already in the line, while moving production to the USA. This new belt line joins a growing collection of made in the USA items which we are excited to keep building upon. 

I hope you enjoy the new collection.


Dory Isaacs

Founder | Creative Director

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