She Wore A Rasberry Beret...

It's official...Prince still has it and we have proof...Dory Isaacs (designer & owner) went to see his purple velvet suit wearing self last night at the DNA Lounge.  Why no pictures you ask?  There was a strict rule enforced by Prince himself for nobody to take photos with their phones during the show or apparently you would be kicked out. What's a Prince concert without a little eccentricity eh?

After our envy wore off here in the office, we heard about his amazing all female band, that he was sporting a 'baby afro' in place of his sleeker style and that he played some of the greats...Purple Rain & When Dove's Cry included.

In our 'What Would Prince Do?' moment, we couldn't help but shortlist 3 watches we thought he might wear with his, always noteworthy, ensembles. 


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She Kept You On Time...

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