Word To Your Mother...

Where would we be without them?  We dug through our old albums and went down memory lane to celebrate why they are so very very great... Happy Mother's Day!


"This is my Mom, Joan. I hope that I not only inherited her keen eyewear fashion sense, but the kindness that comes so naturally to her. Not only is she the most giving person I know, she is the best Mom and Pal a guy could ask for. Happy Mothers’ Day!"

- Your Pal Eric, Operations Manager

"My mom Sylvia has always had good hair. As a child, she would fix my hair in the coolest ways - from the Upside Down French Braids to the Prom Up Do's.  So lucky to have such a talented and loving mother that enjoyed styling me and my sisters."

- Grace, Office Manager & Accounts 

"Never have I met a cooler mom, except when my family and I try to make her beat box in the car on long road trips."

- Paris, Graphic Designer

"You better not!  My mother’s most famous quote. The irony of it is that from a young age she never limited my individuality or freedom. I both love and respect her for teaching me to take advantage of each and every days experience."

- Nydia, Shipping & Sales

"My mum was the best mixture of glamorous, energetic, funny, wise, incredibly practical, and loving –someone I could always talk to about anything. I also remember she had three very favorite British cure'alls for ailments – a cup of Tea, Milk of Magnesia and Fullers Earth, and although it was a family joke I would have to agree they worked!"

- Dory, Founder/Owner

"This is a photo of my Mom and Dad on their wedding day. I just love the look on her face...  My Mom has always been supportive of me exploring my creativity. I am very grateful for her letting me develop my artistic talents. Not everyone is lucky enough to have such an amazing Mom."

- Teresa, Wholesale Customer Service

"My mum once said to me... Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe."

- Mathieu, CEO

"She is the strongest woman I have met and the funniest."

- Amber, Marketing Manager

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