Artist Collaboration For Winter '13

We teamed up with talented San Francisco artist, Kevin Wada, to bring you a series of illustrated personalities inspired by our online fans.  All are styled up in our top Winter'13 watches & bracelets to bring you a little color to those darker winter months.  

Shop highlighted styles & buy limited edition signed prints by Kevin too!  See the full series here..

  Kevin Wada was born in Los Angeles & raised in the San Gabriel Valley.  He went to college at CCA in San Francisco & has lived there for the last 5 years.  He has created work for The New Republic, Wired, Marvel Comics, and Boom! Studios along with small designer DUCKIEN US.

"I must have been drawing on the walls since I was about 2 or 3. People are always surprised, because I'm Asian, that my parents would be so supportive of a very non-traditional career. I didn't realize illustration was for me until I was in junior college & took a few classes. I loved the method of taking a prompt and having to create an image based on a set of restrictions.  The enemy of art is the absence of limitations, right?  Creativity is how you navigate the limitations."

Graphic Goodness FW'13 Lookbook
Calling All San Francisco Gents!

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