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Watch Of The Week | The Grant - Tokyobay

 We have so many watches in the TOKYObay line that it's hard for even us to choose which style is our favorite. There, there. Watch of The Week is a way for you guys and gals to be in the know of what watch (for both men and women) is getting the most love at the moment.

Don't forget we will be releasing some new watches and gift sets next month for some gift giving inspo! Can't believe it's almost October.

Have a #timewellspent out there...

Introducing Watch Of The Week The Grant Watch For Men and Women

The Grant Watch. This mid century modern inspired watch is designed with a unique domed dial for men and women. Shop Grant Watch.

Stay Tuned for special limited releases coming next month

Free gift with purchase when you spend $85+. A choice of a men's key loop or women's bracelet when you buy at Retail value of $20 while supplies last.

Look Down At Your Wrist...
The Watch Of Your Week...

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