Stop Copying Me...

Stop Copying Me... - Tokyobay

It's the highest form of flattery right? Your partner is borrowing your (INSERT COVETED ITEM HERE) again. As it's the holidays we are giving you a chance to buy both large and small versions of the same TOKYObay top selling looks but priced with a 15% discount. It's a perfect one stop shop for a couple who share time, quite literally. What a pair

TOKYObay His and Hers Watch Sets TOKYObay His and Hers Watch Gift Sets for the holidaysThey go together like Sonny and Cher. Specially made watches for a perfect pair at a reduced price.Check TOKYObay back in stock watches and limited edition watch styles that have just arrived.Tag @tokyobayinc on Instagram to show us your TOKYObay watch and how you style it up. Follow us to see what we're up to for a time well spent.

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