Stop Copying Me...

November 17, 2016

Stop Copying Me...

It's the highest form of flattery right? Your partner is borrowing your (INSERT COVETED ITEM HERE) again. As it's the holidays we are giving you a chance to buy both large and small versions of the same TOKYObay top selling looks but priced with a 15% discount. It's a perfect one stop shop for a couple who share time, quite literally. What a pair

TOKYObay His and Hers Watch Sets TOKYObay His and Hers Watch Gift Sets for the holidaysThey go together like Sonny and Cher. Specially made watches for a perfect pair at a reduced price.Check TOKYObay back in stock watches and limited edition watch styles that have just arrived.Tag @tokyobayinc on Instagram to show us your TOKYObay watch and how you style it up. Follow us to see what we're up to for a time well spent.

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